Atlanta Business Attorney

Atlanta Business Attorney is a law firm that serves corporate clients. Its attorneys handle business contract drafting and negotiating, and they advise on business expansion strategies and tax law. They also handle litigation arising from business disputes.

These lawyers are experienced in the nuances of Georgia business law and federal laws and regulations. They also argue criminal and civil cases in court.

Corporate Binder

A Corporate Binder organizes the important legal and financial documents for an incorporated business. The kit includes a large binder with your company name embossed on the cover and tabs to separate and identify documents, a hand-held corporate seal, a minute book, index tabs and personalized stock certificates.

Our Atlanta business attorney can help you choose a business structure, draft a corporate kit and file required state paperwork. A corporation may be chartered as a C or S corporation, and you can also elect to create a limited liability company (LLC).

Local and state authorities, banks, investors and other entities require that companies maintain records of their activities. A corporate kit helps keep these records organized and can be used to present your business to potential investors or lenders. It can also be helpful in case a business is ever subject to a lawsuit. The firm’s experienced legal team can help you develop a successful business plan, apply for a Small Business Administration loan or structure contracts and deals.

Partnership Agreement

A partnership agreement is an internal business contract that establishes specific business practices for partners in a company. The contract can include details on business responsibilities, investments, profits and losses, and company management. The document can also cover items like a yearly salary for each partner and how many people constitute a quorum for company meetings.

Clearly outlining each partner’s role and responsibilities will help minimize disputes down the road. The contract can also establish how profits and losses are allocated based on each partner’s capital contributions. It can even include a dispute resolution process to resolve disagreements and prevent lawsuits from occurring. Finally, the contract can also include an indemnity clause, where each partner agrees to pay for expenses incurred by another party due to negligence or breach of contract. The contract can also include rules for electing new partners. This is important as it may be necessary to bring in a fresh perspective to the company.

Operating Agreement for an LLC

Although an LLC operating agreement is not required in Georgia, it is highly advisable. This internal document establishes how your LLC will be run and sets out the rights and responsibilities of the members/owners. It can also help preserve your limited liability by showing that your LLC is truly a separate business entity.

The operating agreement goes beyond the Articles of Organization filed with the state to describe the nitty-gritty procedures for voting, holding meetings, key communications and dispute resolution. Without an operating agreement, state law will decide these issues for you, and that can leave you vulnerable in the event of litigation.

An operating agreement can include a statement that your company will be taxed as a disregarded entity, which means that instead of the company paying business taxes, each member reports their share of the profits and losses on their personal income tax returns. The operating agreement can also set out the initial capital contributions of each member and the method for calculating the profit sharing ratio.

Secretary of State Filing

Business lawyers in Atlanta can assist with a wide variety of issues that arise for small businesses. This includes setting up the proper legal structure, drafting partnership agreements and operating agreements, and navigating government mandates to avoid litigation.

Many states require that a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or other business entity be registered with the Secretary of State’s office. A lawyer can ensure that this is done correctly, which will allow the owner to take advantage of the perks offered by the type of entity chosen.

The right Atlanta business attorney can help entrepreneurs establish a robust corporate structure that allows for growth and long-term success. They can also handle contracts and other legal pitfalls that can occur, whether they involve signing a new client or leasing an office space. For more information, schedule a risk-free consultation with an Atlanta business attorney today. Detailed law firm profiles include lawyer biographies, education and training, client recommendations, and more to help you make the best choice for your needs.